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Noah's Residents

Friday, July 4, 2014

What are the right channels to surrender a pet?

Numerous cats and dogs are unceremoniously and illegally abandoned by owners who view their pets are disposable commodities once their allure wears off. 

Owners who cite one reason or another often want to get rid of their pet but do not know the proper channels of surrendering of their pets.

The reality is that due to their owner’s hasty decisions, they are starting a ‘snowball’ effect which subjects their pets to dire consequences of letting them fend on their own and away from their normal routine. Their behaviors might be altered due to the traumatic experiences they face such as being more wary of humans. Their overall health will worsen due to prolong exposure to the harsh environment and they may even die in the end. 

A mongrel dumped with a huge neck wound filled
with maggots and he was too frightened
to be caught for medical attention.

A sorry sight where abandoned animals suffer 
the consequences of their owner’s actions. 
Their wounds take months to heal and complications 
could arise if left untreated such as deadly infections.

Thus most pets are in bad conditions by the time kind-hearted members of the public or animal welfare groups (AWGs) render their assistance to take them off their streets. Mr Raymund Wee, Founder of Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) said: “It is more humane to surrender it first and properly to shelters or AWGs.”  Adding on he said: “Sometimes, the animals come to us in conditions where euthanasia is needed as their quality of life has been greatly compromised.”

Some of the challenges that Raymund encounter in cases of irresponsible abandonment are that these animals are too wary of humans and great efforts are needed to catch them to bring them in for immediate treatment. At times, these animals are abandoned outside the sanctuary. Raymund questions, if these people can transport their pets to the sanctuary, why can’t they surrender them properly to us? 

Raymund also shared two videos regarding animal shelters and euthanasia.

These animals were euthanized in a humane way as there were too many animals being abandoned or surrendered by their owners. It is a tough decision to euthanize these animals but the fault lies with humans who are not responsible enough to sterilize them. Education in enforcing the neutering of pets is important to prevent them from having more litters which will add to the increase of the stray population when they become unwanted.

Animals that are abandoned come in with wounds 
that are serious due to accidents or abuse sustained 
while they were homeless.  
It is always a tough decision to put them down 
as they are in pain from their injuries.

With the stray population increasing in numbers, the local town councils are forced to round up these strays to be culled due to complaints by members of the public.  It is a sad reality that begins with the owner’s mindset of not doing anything to help the situation. Noah's Ark strive to make people aware of the right channels in surrendering of pets so that more innocent lives can be spared.

Written by Darren Chan

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