Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wildlife Rescue at Noah's Ark - Meet Mocha

Tuesday, 4 November - a long tail marque was found clinging on to his dead mother on a busy street. Obviously both were hit and run motor accident victims.  He was lucky to survive and he had sustained a broken hind leg. The macaque was brought to the sanctuary clinic in the morning by a farmer for treatment. 

After a physical examination and suspecting that he has no other injuries, he was given a course of antibiotics and analgesic till he is well enough for surgery.

A compassionate veterinarian Dr Kesia from Mount Pleasant East Coast will be operating on him when he is ready for surgery.

In reality, the wildlife department will euthanized them because it is their protocol regarding wildlife cases with such injuries.  Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary will be his loving home with a happy ending.

We have named him Mocha and he can join Noah's Ark coffee club with Starbucks and Latte.

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