Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, March 20, 2015

Chained to a tree

Chained to a tree without a shelter under the merciless weather.

This dog was left outside the owner's house because he has very bad skin condition and the owner said that he could not afford to send the dog to the vet for treatment and he doesn't want him anymore. 

Neighbors were puzzled and saddened by his attitude.  Helplessly they did their best by providing the dog with food and sprayed his wounds with anti-maggots spray.

Noah's Ark was alerted about his plight and our volunteer went to investigate the situation.

We immediately asked the owner to surrender his dog and a statement was made after "Tambi" was removed from him. 

"We pray that one day when you are old and mangy your own children would tie you outside the house, like what you did to this dog. "

The following picture will tell you his miseries n happy endings.

By Raymund Wee

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