Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Plight of a street dog in Johor - the street is not their home

17 March, this lonely street dog was brought in to Noah's Ark Animal Birth Control Clinic this afternoon by a caregiver from Taman Gaya in Johor.

A physical examination was done on him.

Breed: Cross Great Dane
Age:    est. 6 years old
Color:  Black

From his condition, he has been leaving on the street for a long time.  He is a very friendly dog and he was very cooperative during his physical examination procedures.

He has a myriad of medical problems, namely:

1. Transmissible veneral tumour (TVT) 
2. Heartworm positive
3. High liver enzyme
4. Fractured mandible which could be from an old accident
5. Lacerated leg wound from a recent accident

Gaya will be treated in stages and eventually he will be a permanent resident of the sanctuary.

Another happy ending for this lucky dog, he received shelter because you cared for him.

By Raymund Wee

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