Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Stonor Dogs

Imagine living your entire life in an abandoned lot in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. Hot from the sun, wet from the downpour. Your sole purpose is to defend the land. That is how our Stonor dogs were brought to life, their sole purpose to be guard dogs. They would have starved if Mr Yap, a kind man and a caregiver hadn't acknowledged their existence many years ago.  Mr Yap showed them care, affection, and earned the dogs trust. He visited them daily and fed them with chicken feet from his bag of tricks inside the trunk of his car.   

In the fall, the City Council realized the existence of the 10 dogs, primarily because of complaints that the "guard" dogs were barking and disturbing the residents at the condo next door. Mr Yap was given 30 days to relocate the dogs OR the dogs will be culled. 

As the days passed, one of the dogs named Hank, as we fondly called him, passed away from rat poison which we found around the edges of the abandoned plot of land.  Mr Yap and I buried Hank and that was went we knew we had to find them a new home. 

Noah's Ark was our saving grace since SPCA Selangor could not house the dogs while the shelter was under construction and we did not have enough time to rehome the dogs, but happily one dog did get adopted.

Together with Alison and Mr Yap, we worked with SPCA and DB KL to get the dogs sterilized, vaccinated in order to prepare them for their journey to Noah's Ark. 

On 10 January, SPCA helped to transport 6 dogs from KL to Johor, it was tough for the the dogs to be in cages for the long road trip but it was worth every minute.  For once in their lives, the dogs will have a safe haven.  Rex, Thelma, Pen (Penelope), Shirley, Toby and Louise have settled into their new home and they will always be together as a pack.  

Every day when Mr Yap and myself visit the abandoned plot to care for the remaining 3 dogs, we can't help it but to feel emotional because we missed being greeted by the dogs. With SPCA's support we will rehabilitate and socialize these dogs to be ready for adoption.  

We are thankful that they are in safe hands at Noah's Ark without their support the dogs would have been killed. 

By Samantha Elfmont
Animal Advocate First and Foremost
Community Liaison Officer from the American Embassy Kuala Lumpur

Dogs arrived at Noah's Ark.

Samantha spending time and helping to
settle the dogs in.

Giving them time to settle in.

Smelling the air and getting used to the



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