Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Casper the Friendly Ghost

2 August evening - it's the eve before the start of the 7th month*, Trista, a volunteer was feeding some strays at a cemetery and she found a dog which did not belong in the area.

To her horror (don't worry it wasn't a ghost), the dog's left hind leg was fractured, front legs were swelling, it was just skin and bones.

One look you could tell that it was a hit and run accident victim.

Despite the pain it went through, the dog had a sweet nature and it still trusted man.  From its behaviour and observation, you know it had an owner. 

Is this how you treat your animal companion when it is injured and needs your help? 

Casper's left hind leg was fractured.

It's owner had conveniently DUMPED him at the cemetery to die a slow death. Doing such cruel act before the start of the 7th month - is NOT going be good for its EX-OWNER.

Trista knew that the dog will die if it did not receive help, she quickly carried him into her car and brought him to Noah's Ark ABC clinic for treatment.

Dr Alice attending to the dog, while Trista held on to Casper.

It was Dr Alice's day off and she was spending her day at the sanctuary with friends and offered to attend to the dog by cleaning it's wounds and put him on drip so that he stayed hydrated.

With his sweet and kind nature, we decided to give him a name starting with the letter "C" because he was found at a "Cemetery" and landed with "Casper" to remember the start of the Hungry Ghost Festival - Casper the Friendly Ghost.

*7th month is associated with the Hungry Ghost Festival in the Chinese calendar. 

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