Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Volunteering at Noah's Ark

My first visit to Noah's Ark
 with my sister Angeline. 

2 April 2016 was my first visit to Noah’s Ark as part of a tour was just a week before I decided to volunteer with them and my reason was simple – I truly enjoyed being there. - David Puvan 

Selfie time.

Stepping into the field with a hundred dogs running towards me felt surreal and I fell in love with the sanctuary instantly. I remember feeling really excited about volunteering with the sanctuary and getting to know the residents a bit more.

My first day volunteering at Noah's Ark.

After being warmly welcomed (best welcome ever!) by the dogs who yearned for our touch, we kicked start our first activity of designing the names of the horses.  Art wasn’t really my zone of comfort but the idea of adding my personal touch to the stables was truly fulfilling.  It was then that I foresaw how I would enjoy the rest of my day – personally interacting with the animals and making their day better as it would mine.

I was given the opportunity to give Primus a bath.

When we got to the stables to watch the horses roam freely within the field, it was an experience like no other.  Watching the horses gallop alongside the dogs made me feel like I was part of an extravagant movie.  The interaction between the horses and with the dogs was something I could marvel at the whole day. This to me, was the best part of my experience – watching animals in an unbounded zone, free of human restrain and control. 

That is me with Melody.

The cutest interaction I observed was between Melody, the oldest and wisest, and Accolade (who apparently adored the former).  Accolade kept nudging his way toward my camera as I was trying to take a selfie with Melody – he either was jealous or wanted to be a part of our family portrait (which I would gladly have loved to accede if my camera was wide enough >.<)

Together with Accolade,
the tallest horse at the

My next most memorable experience would be brushing the fur of the big dogs – this could have gone on forever but I enjoyed every bit of it.  Grooming the dogs was actually more therapeutic than I thought it would be – I guess because there was this attachment that brew between me and the dogs that it felt this way.  The love I felt was boundless; they enjoyed being touched and brushed and never wanted you to move on to another dog.  See, brushing them wasn’t only doing them good, it was also making me feel really loved. These animals have so much love to share and they just need people to shower them on.

Me giving Bullet an endless brushing.

Learning from the team, especially Lynda, was both enlightening and inspirational. There was so much that was done to help these vulnerable animals and there is still so much more that can be done.  Really, it isn’t how much we can do but what we can do that matters. I am a student who probably can’t contribute financially but simply being there and helping out in the smallest ways possible made a difference to the sanctuary, and most importantly to the ever-loving animals.  The appreciation of the team and the friendships I made there with my fur-buddies only makes me want to do more in my future visits…  And yes, I am definitely going back again – I miss my friends already! 

By David Puvan, an undergrad at NUS

To volunteer
If you would like to volunteer, please email to Noah's Ark Natural Animal Shelter at with your details.  Thank you.

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