Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Compassionate Collaboration Towards a No-Kill Society

Some might ask, what is the price for freedom? 
To these dogs, it means the ability to find a place 
where they are protected and loved forever.  

“Our task is to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion 
to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”
- Albert Einstein 

Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) has always put the interests of the animals first with the establishment of the Vet Help Program for aspiring and voluntary veterinarians to come forward to volunteer their time at the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Clinic. However, Noah's Ark has been forced to step in to lend a helping hand in dire situations that threaten the animals’ welfare. Such dire situations arises when due to limitations, the animal shelter involved in taking care of these animals are unable to adequate medical care for these animals.

In this instance, Noah's Ark has graciously accepted to take in a few animals from SPCA Melaka that were suffering from various medical ailments and as a gesture of goodwill to give these animals a place to recover and to call their own at the sanctuary. This gracious exception will put an end for the animals’ fervent search at finding a permanent home.

The truth is that shelter animals are always waiting and searching for good owners to welcome them into their homes so that they would not be confined to a shelter for the rest of their lives. Moreover, shelter animals make excellent pets as they only ask for companionship and the basic necessities which are food, water and shelter to feel contented. The harsh reality is that some shelter animals are not given that chance. Furthermore, people have the urge to buy a pet instead of adopting one from a animal shelter, this will deny the animals a chance to find a permanent home.

These animals are the more privileged ones that have gotten rescued and be recipients of the medical assistance that they so badly deserved. Animal shelters are also faced with a huge amount of abandonment cases that they are spread thinly at the expense of the animals.

Marco a Rottweiler was neglected for the last two years 
without proper medications. He was suffering from 
chronic mange and fungal infection.

Raymund Wee, founder of Noah's Ark says, “The world is such that we are constantly urged to chase after a moment of fame. The feel good moment will last only when we are unseated by the next winner. Perhaps we need to step off and consider how we can impact the animals. Such efforts will bear fruit that last through time.” Adding on he further elaborates by saying, “When leadership of the animal shelters fail, the killing goes on.” 

Raymund observes that some animal shelters hide behind the word “Mercy Killing” as an easy way out than trying to save them.

An emaciated Japanese Spitz, weighing a mere 5 kg, down 
with suspected tick fever.  Immediately it was given 
an emergency IV drip and vitamin B12 to boost it immunity system.

The truth is that Noah's Ark has been taking in close to about 100 animals from SPCA Melaka to provide them with urgent medical treatments and a place where they are able to recuperate. Raymund provides his own insight on the limitations that animal shelters faces. He says, “Animal Shelters similar to SPCA has their own constitutions where the shelter gives half-way housing for surrendered or rescued animals and they do not have sanctuary facilities.” Adding on he says, “To help the animals, animals that are to be kept longer than 3 months need to be moved to a foster home which applies to senior animals and those with disabilities so that they have a higher chance of getting adopted.”

Animal welfare organisations need to know when to step off the publicity train so that they can focus their attention on more pressing matters at hand which is for the welfare of the animals and not themselves. With humility and compassion, more animals can find that loving home that they are seeking for most of their lifetime and meet responsible owners who are ready to make that commitment.

Nelly, a final year veterinarian student from
Glasgow was on attachment as part of
Vet Help@Noah's Ark
giving Marco a physical examination.

From left: Vincent, SPCA Melaka President, Loy and Mei, Noah's Ark Volunteers,
Tong, SPCA Volunteer and Angeline, SPCA Melaka Vice President.

Also, the public has to understand that it is their own responsibility to care for their pets till they pass on as it is part of their duty as a guardian. It is a simple reason is that a pet will be by your side at any time, without hesitation. The best we can do for them is to give them the company and love that they need. The question is “Which legacy do we wish to live and leave behind?” It is a matter of our own choices that will determine the progress of animal welfare and the weight of its impact on the animals.

By Darren Chan   

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