Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My second visit to Noah's Ark

My second time at Noah's Ark CARES in the last 24 hours and it's starting to feel a lot like my second home.  Animals and humans, we're all the same - we crave for love and attention - and hope things never change.
Big thank you to all the animals and volunteers at Noah's Ark for being ever so warm and welcoming - and to all visitors as well, thank you for coming - always wonderful to be in company of fellow animal loving souls! 
Photography by Nicole aka Nikkiko
Wild x Life x Style Photography - photographing animals and people who love animals since 2005. 

Team Noah's Ark. 
Front row from left: Alicia, Gek Hiang, Shalom (German Shepherd), 
Raymund, Madeline, Joanne, Canto Pop (Shihtzu), Ester and Sharon.
Back  row from left: Suan, Lynda, Clement, Ah Long, Beatrice, Fong Yee,
Vivian and Agnes.
Raymund welcoming the guests at a luncheon.

Gek Hiang (right) introducing the team members.

Finally, we have arrived at Noah's Ark.

"Please let me in too!"

Visitors greeting Christian the cat.

Khim with Bonnie.

Cheryl giving Oso a pat.
Visitors giving the dogs at the main lodge a pat.

The stables.

Khim helping to distribute the carrots to the horses.

Evelyn with Chung Doong.

Renee looking on at Fred.

Dax with Fred the horse.

Nicholas was so excited to be with the horses.

Cinzano rubbing his nose on Nicolas.

Dogs welcoming our visitors.

Dax with the dogs at the stables.

Dogs facing Lorraine during a photo shoot. 

Philomena spending time with Scruffy.

Giving our guests a gentle lick.

Joleen and Dax playing with the dogs.

Erika caught in between two dogs.

Jan with Holly on the right. 

Stitch and Gypsy showing affection to Khim.

Debbie with Toby.

Sushan is covered with licks.

Fashion with a snake.

Kit & Herman with Sherlock Holmes.

Nicholas hanging on to Dad and giving
the dog a pat on the head.
Picture session with our friends at Noah's Ark.

Agnes, Noah's Ark Volunteer with Bonnie.

Madeline, Noah's Ark Volunteer.
Alicia, Noah's Ark Volunteer.
Joanne, Noah's Ark Volunteer
 with Starbucks.

Lynda, Noah's Ark Volunteer with
(from left) Sheba, Zena and Shalom, rescued
German Shepherds - checking on the horses
at the stables before the sun sets.
Noah's Ark would like to thank Nicole for the capturing the memories which will be remembered by our friends and visitors. And thank you to our supporters for supporting our work for the rescued residents at the sanctuary. 

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