Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The courage of our conviction

Team Noah's Ark
Front row from left: Alicia, Gek Hiang, Shalom (German Shepherd), 
Raymund, Madeline, Joanne, Canto Pop (Shihtzu), Ester and Sharon.
Back row from left: Suan, Lynda, Clement, Ah Long, Beatrice, 
Fong Yee, Vivian and Agnes.
A covenant with the creator to sustain and to respect all life.
We reap what we sow. Our legacy to future generations will grow from acorns of our action as well as the personal values we demonstrate to those of this and future generations through our everyday behaviors and attitudes.
Integrity is not what we do as much as who we are. And who we are, in turn, determines what we do. It establishes priorities in our lives and judges what we will accept or reject.
Our intentions are pure and with one thing in mind to make Singapore a Stray Free City.
The Guardians of the Ark

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