Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Over population kills

Relatively high rates among owned dogs and cats and the scarcity of puppies and kittens surrendered to the SPCA and shelters suggest that efforts by humane groups and veterinarians have been successful in lowering canine and feline fertility.

However, as you can see most of the puppies that are posted for adoptions are mainly from the unplanned strays. Low-cost sterilisation scheme initiated by 80% of our veterinary clinics shows that the majority of our veterinarians are contributing/returning their kindness to the animal's welfare. The cost and ease of neutering services are important.

Neutering rates among owned cats and dogs consistently exceed those strays especially the dogs in industrial areas and remaining farmlands around Singapore. Get your priority right for every litter of puppies that are taken from the bitch for rehoming is a step of kindness but to complete that act by getting her sterilised should be your mission.

There are closed to 30 Animal Welfare Groups in Singapore not forgetting AVA as well. Currently there are a few ministers who are having their hands on animal issues as well.

It is easier for the system to ask: "We humans to stop at two then to get those four legged to comply."

By Raymund Wee

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