Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Monday, February 2, 2015

The spirit of a Warrior

Sir Steadfast Warrior

Knight Commander
11 September 2006 to 1 February 2015
Age: 8 years 4 months

Sunday, 1 February at 11: 45 a.m. we lost a dear friend Sir Steadfast Warrior who has been fighting a battle from his illness which the vet suspected that it was acute esophageal obstruction known as choke, swallowing disorders or uncommonly with congenital abnormalities of the upper airway.  Acute obstruction of the esophagus can happen in horses that eat too fast, have poor teeth or for a variety of other conditions that prevent the esophagus from functioning normally.

The past one week, Raymund has been painstakingly taking care of Warrior and administering the drip line on him to ensure that he was not dehydrated, watching him eat by giving him small meals and providing tender loving care (TLC) to Warrior.

When Raymund told me that Warrior was unwell on Wednesday 28 Jan morning, immediately the next day  I applied for urgent leave in order to go to Noah’s Ark to see Warrior - just in case we will not be able to see each other on Saturday, 31 Jan which is our regular visiting day to the sanctuary.  I took the day off to spend time with Warrior and to recall the good times he had at Noah’s Ark.

Warrior’s condition looked guarded – he was fighting to stay on but in his heart I knew that he was feeling miserable and down, the same feeling as us when we are sick.  When his time is ready, I know that he will go when his mission is completed - to see his close friends before he can rest in peace.  

Saturday, 31 Jan at 10.00 a.m. Warrior was looking fine and we were hopeful that he would pull through and recover, he was showing signs of improvements. I believed that he wanted to put on a brave front like a warrior showing the visitors from Lasalle College of the Arts that he was ok and he didn’t want them to worry too much in order for the students to continue their work at the sanctuary.  I could hear the students telling Warrior to get well soon and to continue fighting the battle.

If a horse gets sick, they are not like dogs that you could take them to an animal hospital – only the Horse Racing Clubs in Singapore and Malaysia have hospitals for horses and it is only for “race horses”.  

What happens if a horse outside of the racing club that needs to go to a hospital?  
The answer? “None”.  

How does a horse receive treatment if they are unwell?  
A vet will do a house call and analyses what is the wrong with the horse and administers the necessary drugs.  When a horse falls sick – they go downhill very fast and we have to be mentally prepared for the worst.  

This morning, when Raymund told me that Warrior had passed on, in my heart what is most important is that he passed on with dignity.  When Warrior retired from his career as a Race Horse – he did not have to be put down or be "deleted" a term used in the race horse industry.  Although Warrior’s stay at the sanctuary was only for a year and 4 months, he knew the meaning of freedom and he got to be a horse.  Warrior passed on with his last breath in the presence of Raymund and allowing him to stay at the sanctuary.  It is Warrior's way of showing Raymund his gratitude for taking care of him. Horses are like dogs - they are Man's Best Friend.

I have informed Warrior’s trainer Chris that he passed on and he said “Warrior’s life at Noah’s Ark was the best compared to his friends who have retired else where.”  So Warrior you are one lucky horse!

I have seen how you have raced and you always gave your best.
I will always remember you for your strikes and movements.
I loved the way you galloped when you have fun.
I have seen you rolled and played with mud, 
                 which was your happiest time.

You are a Warrior and living up to your name.
You are a Champion in our eyes.
You are a Friend.
You will always be Remembered.

Your buddy Chun Doong will miss you dearly.
We will ensure that he is fine and he will find 
                a buddy to accompany him.

I have witnessed your freedom the day you step on the grounds of 
          Noah’s Ark and now you are free to go anywhere you want on 
          Rainbow Bridge - a happy place for all God’s 
         Creatures Great and Small.

 By Lynda Goh

Warrior when arrived at Noah's Ark and the first thing he did was
to play with mud. 

Warrior running free with Primus (right).

Warrior with Chun Doong his buddy.

Warrior, Chun Doong and Primus arrived at Noah's Ark.

Chun Doong, Warrior and DJ hanging out.

Dawn of a new day. 
A warrior's spirit fading,
My journey complete.

- Steadfast Warrior's Haiku

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