Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, February 13, 2015

This Valentine's Day, find "The One" - Sponsor a Pet for S$50 a month

Meet our Noah's Ark Valentine Couples...

Left: Clyde and Bonnie. Rescued Cross Pomeranians
were kept in a cage 24 hours a day
when their owners lost interest in them.  

Left: Oso and Evo.  Oso was given up when
his owner was pregnant and they didn't want him.

Evo was given up because her owner's house
was burglarized and she failed to do her job
as a guard dog.

Left: Pepi and Sofie.  Pepi was given up when his owner
passed on and the family didnt want him.
Sofie was given up because they family lost interest in her.

Left: Su Su and Kopi are siblings, they were abandoned when
they were puppies.  Both of them are very close and
you will never find them out off each other's sight..  

Left: Prisma and Cinzano - both were ex YOG horses,
they were given up after their career as riding school horses
 due to leg and hoof injuries.
You will always find them grazing together on the open field.

Left: Melody and Primas.  Melody was rescued when
Tang Dynasty closed its doors in 1999.

In January '15, she turned 32 years old and
she is our oldest resident at Noah's Ark.

 Primas was given up because he could not perform
his duty as a riding school horse.

It is never too old to fall in love, Melody found some she likes and
she adores her young man Primas - that is her secret to staying young. 

Noah's Ark Animal Sponsorship
To sponsor a dog at Noah's Ark it costs S$50 a month or a horse at $100 a month.  Your sponsorship will go towards food and medical expenses to upkeep her stay at the sanctuary.

Sponsorship form 

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