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Noah's Residents

Friday, November 7, 2014

A little boy doing his best to save his dog despite his parent against it

The photographs below contain contents that is graphically disturbing, viewer's discretion is advised.

Friday, 7 November 

A heart-wrenching and a heart-warming tale on how a boy went against all odds to help his dog. 

Heart-wrenching because we can understand the little boy’s anguish at not being able to afford medical care for his dog but heart-warming because he loves his dog.

A Form 1 student was referred to our Noah’s Ark ABC (Animal Birth Control) clinic by a vet because he was not able to afford the vet fee of over a RM1,000 to have his dog operated on. He found the dog on the streets four years ago but as his parents objected to him keeping the dog from the very beginning, they were unwilling to pay for the dog’s medicals. His dog had an ovarian cyst with open pyometra.

The boy’s father was initially unhappy with the boy citing loss of face in asking us for help. Raymund spoke to the boy’s father and told him that Noah’s Ark will cover the cost of the surgery on compassionate grounds.

We are able to help this little boy with thanks given to our supporters and donors because Noah’s Ark ABC clinic was set up and operates at low cost for spay and medical issues in Malaysia. 

The dog's surgery was done and the boy will pick up his dog later in the day. We hope this is a happy ending, with the dog being well looked after by the boy (and family) ever after.

Looking into every case, we see many different circumstances. Perhaps we are not in their shoes so we should not judge them, but the father should take heart that his son has been much better brought up than how he has educated him. To the boy, his companion’s life is more important than his own pride of course.

"Kindness and responsibilities come with a price. There are many responsible pet owners that have to go through such financial crisis. Otherwise, how can this young man pay for this responsibility if we cannot provide this service to him? His son’s kindness has a deep-hearted implication." - Raymund Wee

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