Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, November 7, 2014

Topaz’s caudectomy and cherry-eye surgeries

The photographs below contain contents that is graphically disturbing, viewer's discretion is advised.

Topaz after his surgery.

Topaz, a 7 year old male bull dog and a resident at Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) recently underwent two surgeries to correct his corkscrewed tail and cherry eye. The surgery was done by Dr Koh at Koh Surgery in JB, Malaysia.

A corkscrew tail is a fairly common genetic condition seen in bull dogs where a caudectomy, meaning a whole removal of tail needs to be performed. This tail docking condition means over time through repeated abrasion and chewing that it bleeds chronically. For Topaz’s condition, the tail inwardly pierces into the skin which leaves it with a wound that does not seem to heal. This might lead to infection on a long term basis, hence the need to have it removed. After removal of the tail, Topaz‘s wound will need to be monitored closely for swelling or inflammation.

Topaz being prepared for surgery to correct his corkscrewed tail and 
a cherry eye problem. 

A caudectomy had to be performed to relieve Topaz from discomfort and 
the wound had to be stitched, dressed and disinfected properly 
to prevent further infection. 

Dr Koh of Koh Surgery performing the caudectomy on Topaz.

Dr Koh stitching up Topaz's wound so that 
he will not be in pain..

A complete caudectomy is performed by creating an incision around the tail base. Identify the tail muscles and ligate the caudal arteries and veins to remove the docked tail.

Topaz's docked tail was removed.

Topaz’s cherry eye was bad and he was unable to see 
with the gland obstructing his vision. 

Another condition that Topaz had was the prolapse of the nictating membrane which is commonly known as the cherry eye. This prolapse occurs when the base of the gland flips up, causing eye inflammation that has led to the swelling.

Having the gland removed so that Topaz is able to see again. 

After the two successful surgeries, Topaz is able to get on with his life at the sanctuary again. We would like to thank Dr Koh for attending to his medical aid and for performing the surgeries.  

Topaz after his surgery.

Topaz giving himself a good stretch.

We know that in Topaz's heart, he is very grateful towards Uncle Raymund for taking him in even though he had heartworm and skin problems (mange).  Noah's Ark is a place for all animals to call home and to pass on with dignity.  

To read about Topaz's plight, please click here.

By Darren Chan

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