Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Thursday, November 20, 2014

News from Noah's Ark - November 2014

Dear Friends of Noah's Ark

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all our supporters for contributing towards "Noah's Ark Electricity Project" .

The total amount raised for the "Electricity Project " today stands at $16,600 - we havedefinitely achieved our target for the project. A big thank you once again, without your support this would not have been possible. 

In the light of Christmas giving, we hope that you will also consider helping us further in our newest initiative "Buy A Brick" goal of S$12,000 for the following repair works that the sanctuary needs:

  • S$3,000 to build an enclosure for Jerry, a rescued 150 kg wild boar that had been bought by someone believing he was a Vietnamese pot bellied pig.
  • S$5,000 to repair and rebuild the enclosure for Starbucks and Latte, residents of Noah's Ark and Mocha a newly rescued macaque that was a hit and run accident victim. To read about Mocha's rescue, please click here.

  • Last and not least S$4,000 to repair the leaking roofs.

To further our commitment to reducing unnecessary killing and to a stray free Singapore and Malaysia, we have introduced our Animal Birth Control (ABC) clinic to provide low cost sterilization of stray animals. We are happy to report that our decision to promote cheaper sterilization has met with wide public support as evidenced by the growing number of veterinarians that now visit our sanctuary to assist us in our sterilization programmes.

This professional assistance is most welcomed as we now see an increasing number of animal rescue cases at the sanctuary almost on a daily basis. We have therefore formally named this venture  "VetHelp@Noah's Ark" . We hope to encourage  professional and student veterinarians to come forward to lend their time in helping with the clinic at the sanctuary on a voluntary basis with the introduction of this program.

To date,veterinarians from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong that have participated in  the "VetHelp@Noah's Ark" programme have been given the opportunity to witness and participate on some less common cases such as limb amputation, removal of kidney stones, eye enucleation and early age neutering. Such complicated cases gives the volunteer veterinarians the opportunity to finally apply their knowledge and expertise on needy patients.
We are most appreciative of the sacrifice our dedicated and passionate veterinarians whohave sacrificed their rest days to make a difference to these animals. Our animals at the sanctuary have benefited greatly from their expertise and commitment of our volunteer vets. We look forward to the continued success of this initiative which is a definite win - win situation for all participants.

In addition, we are now launching our campaign  the "Street is Not Their Home"., A program that highlights how imperative it is that we need to work on neutering so as to reduce the stray street population and the  unnecessary killing. We hope that our programmes will garner support from more willing veterinarians so that we will eventually see a slow and steady decline in the stray population through our combined efforts.

I would also like to make special mention of both Ms Susanna Gan for donating S$1,000 and Mr Yong Sze Nam for donating S$5,000 who despite their recent bereavements decided that in honour of their loved ones' memories a monetary tribute  to Noah's Ark was made.

So as the spirit of Christmas and giving sets upon the world, we do hope that you will consider giving to our deserved progammes: "Buy a Brick", "Vet Help@Noah's Ark" or "Sponsor a Pet".

Any form of donations are always welcomed. If however you would prefer to donate cash, please send a cheque to Noah's Ark CARES and mail it to 42 Cairnhill Road #02-01 Singapore 229661 or make a fund transfer to support us.  

Bank: DBS
Account type: DBS Current
Account No: 012-900823-0
Account Name: Noah's Ark CARES
Branch Code: 012
Bank Code: 7171
Account No: 501-827745-001
Account Name: Noah's Ark Companion Animal Rescue & Education Society
Branch: OCBC Head Office
Brand Code: 501
Bank Code: 7339

If you would like further details of our work at the sanctuary, please do email us at Noah's Ark CARES.

Thank you once again for your continued support towards Noah's Ark CARES and the sanctuary in 2014.

May we take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones festive greetings.

Thank you.

Ms. Chew Gek Hiang
Noah's Ark CARES
Happenings at Noah's Ark
Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) Cats

When one mentions Marina Barrage, Marina Financial Centre, Marina Coastal Expressway, Gardens By The Bay - what comes to our mind is a modern and developed Singapore. On this little red dot, a number of stray and community animals share the same space with us and sometimes, in the most unexpected places.

Sometime in October, our volunteer was alerted to an area with a number of unsterilized cats at a worker's dormitory off Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE). 

We had previously spayed and rehomed some of the dogs around the same area too when we were asked to help the cats as well. We were informed that the dormitory will be demolished at the end of November'14. After finding out that the cats will be shelter-less soon, the volunteers made a decision that the cats should not be returned to the site after sterilization. It would be inhumane to return the cats back to the site as the dormitory is in the middle of many other construction sites - they may be knocked down by heavy vehicles and their source of food would be gone too. 

Please help us to help the cats before they become shelter-less by helping to trap the cats, transport the cats to the vet for vaccination, micro chipping and boarding while we try to find homes for them. To read about their plight, click here

For more information, email to Noah's Ark CARES

Shasha's Broken Tail

The volunteers were on their usual rounds checking and feeding the dogs.  When they reached Shasha's factory, they noticed  that she had excessively licked her tail and the tail was infected and swollen. 

They checked with the security guard and a few workers and no one knew what had happened. We believed it could be an industrial accident, it looked like a forklift went over her tail.
Concern for her well being, we took her to the vet to have her tail treated.  To read about her plight, please click here.

Wildlife Rescue at Noah's Ark

On 4 November, a long tail marque was found clinging on to his dead mother on a busy street.  Obviously both were hit and run motor accident victims.  Mocha was lucky to survive and he had sustained a broken hind leg.  The macaque was brought to the sanctuary clinic in the morning by a farmer for treatment.  To read about Mocha's rescue, please click here

Kakato Food Donation Drive  

Buy a carton of Kakato Premium Pet Food at $77 and help us to feed the dogs and cats at Noah's Ark.

The food donation drive is organised by June's Pet House, to place an order, please contact June at email

Greeting Cards, Canvases and Luggage Tags by Meerkat Place
All the art pieces you see on Meerkat Place are original works by artists from all ages. Each has designated a charity to benefit from the sale of art products: Greeting cards, stretched canvases and luggage tags. 

By purchasing an art product, you are encouraging an artist and supporting a great cause, plus getting unique art to boot! 

Visit Meerkat Place and purchase as Christmas gifts.

The items sold will be matched by a generous donor to Noah's Ark CARES from now till Christmas day.  The proceeds will help us to feed the animals at the sanctuary. 

Huggy Boy's Enclosure

We would like to thank our main sponsors Linda, Andrew, Darren and all our well wishes for contributing towards the construction of Huggy Boy's enclosure.

Huggy Boy is very happy with his new home.  When he was transferred into his enclosure, it took him 2 days to discover that he could swing and everyday he is getting plenty of exercise.  

The enclosure was designed by Raymund Wee and the students from School of the Arts (SOTA) helped with the construction with our workers during their school vacation. 

Please click here to view a video of Huggy Boy in his new enclosure.

Starbucks,Latte and Mocha (both rescued macaques) have a Christmas wishlist that is to have a similar enclosure.  Please email to Noah's Ark CARES if you can make their dreams come true.
Pepi, Noah's Ark resident

To contribute and support our work for the animals

If you wish to:
  • To sponsor a pet programme
  • To sponsor some of our pet food
  • To sponsor medical aid for the animals
  • To support our spay and neuter programmes
  • To upkeep the sanctuary for the the residents - Buy a Brick
  • To make a contribution
You may write a cheque to Noah's Ark CARES and mail it to:
42 Cairnhill Road, #02-01 Singapore 229661

To make a fund transfer, you may transfer it to the following accounts.  
Upon transferring please send us and email in order for us to track and to acknowledge receipt. 

Bank: DBS
Account type: DBS Current
Account No: 012-900823-0
Account Name: Noah's Ark CARES
Branch Code: 012
Bank Code: 7171
Account No: 501-827745-001
Account Name: Noah's Ark Companion Animal Rescue & Education Society
Branch: OCBC Head Office
Branch Code: 501
Bank Code: 7339
To stay in touch with the latest happenings at Noah's Ark please visit our blogs and Facebook at:

Noah's Ark CARES 
Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary 

Noah's Ark CARES


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