Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Journey as a Vet Intern at Noah's Ark

From left: Kaylen and Wei Yin. 

An animal’s life cannot be saved by only words as it requires something more. It requires an intricate mix of time, resources and most importantly a truly devoted and determined heart. 

A trip to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) was thought to be a well-deserved celebration after my graduation from veterinary school. However, it would prove to be a learning experience as I travelled to the sanctuary that is founded by Raymund Wee. The impression that I took away from the sanctuary was that it was the perfect life lesson for young people who is looking for their passion in their lives.

Upon arriving at the sanctuary for the first time, I was impressed by the facilities as it is spacious, well equipped and managed. The happiest scene as I am a veterinarian that you could ever ask would be more than hundreds of dogs just so happy to see visitors interacting with them. The dogs at the sanctuary are the most friendliest as they have been given another chance to be treated in the right manner. The dogs are well groomed, have a good coat of fur and endless energy.

During my stay at the sanctuary, I have become accustomed to the barking and getting kissed by the dogs in the morning that it has become my favourite part of the day. I stayed for five days at the sanctuary and that I appreciate that the sanctuary has limited internet access which means I can focus on what I am supposed to do.

On mornings while enjoying breakfast at the sanctuary, I had the opportunity to understand Uncle Raymund’s strong belief in the work that he is doing for the animals which I think is a valuable lesson that I will treasure. Also, I enjoy talking to him as he has numerous stories to share and they are all very inspiring. He taught me not only the skills to be a better veterinarian but to think through something before we act. I still remember his words of wisdom when he corrected me as I did not perform the procedures correctly by saying, “If you cannot create lives, you have no right to take away lives.” His words left a deep impression and always serve as a reminder to me when I do surgeries on animals.

I believe that Uncle Raymund is doing an amazing job running Noah's Ark daily and to know the reason to as to why he is still doing it after so many years has left me deeply humbled and touched by his efforts. Hopefully through the volunteer veterinarian program and the veterinarian internship at the sanctuary, more people will get to know more about Noah's Ark because it deserves more support than it is having at the moment. I will always value the advices and lessons that he has imparted to me during my stay.

This trip to Noah's Ark which is located at Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru marked the beginning of my professional career as a veterinarian. I am thankful, joyful and satisfied with the experiences and lessons that I have learned during my short but fruitful stay. I hope that someday I can go about to help with more of the veterinary procedures because it marks a new beginning as I embarked with a better perspective as a vet.

Written By: Kaylen Kwan

For enquries on Vet Internship with Noah's Ark, please contact Alice via FaceBook message or email to Noah's Ark Cares

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