Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, July 25, 2014

Noah's Ark Horses: Cinzano

Name: Noblewood Cinzano

Sex : Gelding

Age:  11.5 years old

Birthdate: 1 December 2002

Color: Bay
(Mixed black and brown hairs; black mane, tail and legs)

Breed:  Thoroughbred

Arrived at Noah’s Ark: June 2013

Cinzano is measure 16 hands  and is the tallest horse at Noah’s Ark.  He was a a-showjumping horse and was one of the horses who competed in the Singapore Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in August 2010.  After the games ended, the YOG horses were distributed to the various riding schools in Singapore.

Cinzano had to be retired from his work because of a cracked hoof on his front left leg, the impact from jumping had caused his hoof to crack ever so often.  He retired officially in March 2013.  
For the love of horses, Raymund took Cinzano in because he was confident that he could heal his hooves.  Within a couple of months staying at Noah’s Ark and showered with treatment and constant care, his hooves healed very nicely.  Cinzano has been with us for a year – and there is no sign of any cracked hooves to be seen now.

Cinzano is now enjoying the freedom on our durian plantation together with his girlfriend Prisma who is also a retired showjumping horse. 

Cinzano (left) getting to know Whatmore.

Catch Cinzano and Primsa on FEI Year of Youth - 
Preparations for the Youth Olympics 2010 at Glen Haven Park

Glen Haven Quarantine horses departure for the 
Youth Olympic Games

Noah's Ark Animal Sponsorship
To sponsor Cinzano's stay at Noah's Ark it costs S$100/RM$250 a month.  Your sponsorship will go towards food and medical expenses to upkeep his stay at the sanctuary. 

For sponsorship form, please click here

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