Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, July 25, 2014

Noah's Ark Horses: Chun Doong

Name: Chun Doong

Sex : Gelding

Age:  9 years old

Birthdate: 10 November 2005

Color: Brown
(Mixed black and brown hairs; black mane, tail and legs

Breed:  Thoroughbred

Arrived at Noah’s Ark: September 2013

Chun Doong – meaning thunder in Korean, which is no surprise as his previous owner is Korean.

Chun Doong was an ex race horse from Singapore and like his friend Warrior he too had to retire when he was 7.5 years old.  Although he has Korean , his dad is from Argentina while his mum is from New Zealand.He is an international horse and a lady’s man.

Chun Doong loves to have his face massaged and he will doze off into a blissful nap while enjoying the attention.  He is so affectionate that he will place his head gently on your face and you can do the waltz with him.

Things we can learn from a horse – be a lady’s man.

Chun Doong with his buddy Warrior.

To sponsor DJ's stay at Noah's Ark it costs S$100/RM$250 a month.  Your sponsorship will go towards food and medical expenses to upkeep his stay at the sanctuary. 

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Daring Journey @ DJ


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