Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, July 25, 2014

Noah's Ark Horses: Boom Boom

Name: Biegun @ Boom Boom

Sex : Gelding

Age:  8 years old

Birthdate: 10 June 2006

Color: Bay
(Reddish-brown coat, black mane, tail and points)

Breed:  Polish Coldblood

Arrived at Noah’s Ark: June 2013

Boom Boom is his stable name and he lives up to it by booming around.  He is from Germany and was  from a riding school in Singapore.  Like Primus – Boom Boom didn’t quite like to work and he could be selective with his riders. Occasionally when he is not in the mood to work, he will buck the rider off his back. He does have an attitude and a temper and needed to be handled by a seasoned rider.  

Boom Boom was given up because he looked lame (by lifting up his hind leg) and can't be ridden.  Some days you will find him lying in stables, and to his caregivers, he seems in pain and in discomfort.

Noah’s Ark agreed to take Boom Boom in, because Raymund felt that he could treat him by providing the necessary medical care. 

Guess what?  If you think he is hurt, you are wrong!  When Boom Boom arrived at Noah’s Ark, the first thing he did was to jump in the air and he did a flying kick with his hind legs.  Hmmm…. Thinking he has a bad hind – nope, he is happily running around.  If you know the song you can hear him singing “I feel good!”. 

Boom Boom is totally a different horse at Noah’s Ark, he is calmer and not so grumpy.  He hardly pinches you the way he did at the riding school.

Noah’s Ark has given him the second chance and to respect him for whom he is.

Boom Boom loves to roll on the ground

To sponsor Boom Boom's Ark it costs S$100/RM$250 a month.  Your sponsorship will go towards food and medical expenses to upkeep his stay at the sanctuary. 

For sponsorship form, please click here

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