Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, July 25, 2014

Noah's Ark Horses: Apache

Name: Apache

Sex : Gelding

Age:  est. 15 years (as at January 2014)

Birthdate: Born in 1999

Colour:  Fleabitten Grey
(Brown specks of hair flecking an otherwise grey coat)

Breed:  Thoroughbred

Arrived at Noah’s Ark: In 2009

Apache is a Polo Horse rescued from Leisure Farm. Due to leg injuries, he could no longer be ridden for the game and horses with his fate are usually put down.
Apache now spends his time grazing with his buddy Whatmore, living a carefree life in the sanctuary.

Apache and friends.

To sponsor Apache's stay at the Ark it costs S$100/RM$250 a month.  Your sponsorship will go towards food and medical expenses to upkeep his stay at the sanctuary. 

For sponsorship form, please click here.

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