Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lordy: "I was dumped and left to die on the streets."

A passerby spotted a young German Shepherd lying in the bushes motionless - concerned for the dog's wellbeing he contacted Noah's Ark for assistance.

When Tye arrived, Lordy could
barely moved.
Tye, our volunteer went to the site to check and found the dog to be in a sorry state.  Why would an owner dumped his dog on the streets?  

Most probably the owner thought that a kind soul would pick the dog up or either to let his dog die slowly on the streets from heat stroke.  The dog could have walked and dragged his hind leg for some distance till it was dehydrated from the heat.  

If the passerby did not contact Noah's Ark - it would have been a slow death for the dog.

When the dog arrived at Noah's Ark - you could feel the sadness asking if it was going to die?  Sometimes, we have to make a tough decision on the fate of a rescued dog or cat - if there is no quality of life, euthanasia is the most humane to end an animal's suffering.

Lordy just arrived at Noah's Ark.

Lordy: "What will my fate be?  Will I live?"

Lordy waiting to be checked by Raymund.
He is not able to bend his left hind leg.

When Lordy was brought into the clinic for Raymund to check - we discovered that he had hip dysplasia and he was not able to bend his left hind leg.  Raymund felt that was caused by neglect by its owner.

A fractured left paw.

Another sad thing about Lordy was that his front left paw was fractured, how did this poor boy fractured his front leg? With his hind leg dislocated and a fractured front paw - we know that life will not be normal for him - how is he going to move around?

Raymund carried Lordy down from the table to observe his mobility. Lordy had to drag his left hind leg around. Raymund also mentioned that the leg had to be amputated and his main worry is that how is Lordy going to move around when the leg is amputated? The vet needs to decide what is the best way to solve this in order for Lordy to be mobile.

Lordy giving Raymund the puppy look.
We know that Lordy wants to live and it's not time for him to go, we have decided to let him recuperate and build his immune system before making the decision which leg to be removed.

While Lordy was in the clinic, he followed Raymund and licked his face to say "Thank you for caring and for giving me hope".  Animals are amazing and they know how to show gratitude.

Within a week, Lordy settled in and all he wants to do is to play with his friends.  He has gained confidence and he is a happy camper.

The volunteer vets from Singapore will be visiting him soon to operate on his leg.

We are also thankful that Lordy found himself a God Ma June to sponsor his stay at Noah's Ark and he is looking forward to meeting her soon so that he can give her a lick to say "Thank you".

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