Noah's Residents

Noah's Residents

Friday, July 4, 2014

Relying on the Compassion of Strangers

The story about Royale, the kitten who was rescued near
the food stalls at Gelang Patah.
Some of us would call it coincidence or just plain luck, but I would like to think of it as both. My fate was decided by kind-hearted strangers who spotted me while having lunch at Gelang Patah, near some food stalls.  All it takes is for an individual to make a choice which would result in a life or death decision for us strays living on the streets.

This is me when I was found at the food-stall.  
I had given up hope, had little to live for and was alone. 
I relied on scraps from people having their meals and 
I was dirty from lying on the floor. 

The strangers who spotted me were good-hearted people who wanted to give me a second chance at a finding home. I was probably the luckiest cat the other day as they still had space for one in their already cramped car. Quickly they picked me up with a towel that was made in London and the brand’s name was Royale. Therefore I have the name that befits royalty and superiority which best describes the feeling of my happiness that day.

My rescuer wanted to help me out of his own compassion for strays even though he knew of the heavy responsibilities involved. I am grateful for the chance to find a good caregiver. His objective was to send a message that strays make good pets and the public should adopt and practice good ownership of their pets.

Helping us strays come with tough sacrifices as the new owner is responsible for the pets till they pass on. I think my new owner will gain a friend as a companion who will love him in return. I am also thankful that a kind god-mother has agreed to sponsor my stay at the ark. One can never underestimate the thoughtfulness of humans.

However, I still needed a bath and a medical check-up which the kind souls helped me with. During the journey, I made it an effort to be on my best behaviour to thank those that helped me. It was a special and the best day of my life. 

This is me with one of the kind souls that rescued me.
I have now put on more weight and I am growing bigger.

At Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS), I was cleaned up and given back my dignity. I had a purpose which was to give the same love and commitment in return for the kindness that I have received.

Humans face their own problems and they need companionship like us, pets. We are able to spend time with them whenever they want and will even offer a listening ear to their woes.
I hope that people have the same heart and mentality as those that rescued me which could 
result in a more understanding and humane society.

Currently, I am at the ark’s kindergarten with the other kittens. Some are not as fortunate as me as they are born blind or are sick. I wish their fates could be different, but this is the harsh reality for us, strays. I was diagnosed with Cat Flu but have since recovered from tender loving care provided by Uncle Raymund who diligently nursed me back to health through aggressive vaccinations to boost my weakened immune system. 

I can’t wait to play with the other cats and visitors
who visit the ark.                 

I would like to thank Uncle Raymund and the rescuers from animal organizations who put in their 100% effort in doing the good work of helping us, the voiceless find good homes and shelters. Without your dedication and determination, more of us would suffer the sad fate of premature death through accidents, abuse or sickness.

I look forward to graduate from kindergarten so that I can play with the other cats at the ark! Also, please continue to donate and support Uncle Raymund’s efforts in sponsoring an animal or helping in the repairs to the ark. 

Written by Darren Chan

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